Promote Small Business

Georgia has been the #1 State in the Country to do business in. While this is a tremendous achievement, we cannot stop! Over the past few years, we have provided many resources to lure in big businesses that are needed. But we cannot forget about the Small Businesses which are the backbone of our great state economy. According to a 2018 Report from the Small Business Administration, 99.6% of businesses in Georgia were small businesses, employing 1.6 million people, and accounted for 43.2% of the private workforce.

As a small business owner and one that supports startups, I know the struggles that entrepreneurs are often faced with. I will proudly work with the Georgians First Commission to cut the red tape hampering small business, support further rollbacks of the income tax, and ensure that incentives to business growth are targeted at the men and women who not only operate a local business, but use it to contribute to their local communities.

Local Control

No one knows the state of affairs in our communities and how to act on them better than our local leaders and the residents that chose them. From our county government to the various municipalities, they are the accountable elected officials and local leaders that know how to manage smart growth in their communities. Our State government should understand its place and that’s not to dictate what local communities should and should not do.


Public education is critical in the development of our Nation’s future leaders. I am a product of Cherokee County’s fantastic public schools. I was blessed to have parents involved in all aspects of my learning, but I am also appreciative of the wonderful teachers. We must continue to fully fund the QBE formula to ensure schools receive the funding they deserve. We must also ensure that our education system allows for bureaucratic accountability, which is best maintained by active, encouraged parental involvement.


Cherokee County is undoubtedly part of the larger “Atlanta Region,” but that does not mean we should be sending our local tax dollars to a wasteful and ineffective MARTA system. We must build stronger connections to the region, but that means smart investments in roads and bridges. Our population density is insanely low compared to other major global destinations, so spending hundreds of millions per mile in mass transit is pointless. I will work to see that GDOT hears Cherokee County’s voice to build regional arterials and connectors that safely move people and goods in and out of our community.

Conservative Values
Our Constitutional Republic is still the envy of the world, no matter what apologists for socialism my tell you. Part of that reason is that our government is held accountable by Constitutional Conservatives who understand our rights are not negotiable. They are God-given, and reflective of our basic human dignity. I will not compromise our rights — freedom of religion, speech, the right to bear arms, security in our person from unreasonable search and seizure. Pure and simple, your rights are yours. I will fight to ensure our government maintains that responsibility to protect them.

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